downtown games


Before gaming consoles, there were cabinets inside of which epic adventures unfolded bit by bit. They housed strange worlds where Italian plumbers are bombarded with barrels by angry apes; where foul-mouthed hopping heads illuminate multi-chromatic pyramids under a shower of snakes and spheres. Before these cabinets, there were live-action analog machine games of chance and skill wherein chrome balls fly through obstacles and over ramps in a blur of speed and light. Our extraordinary arcade is a fine collection of cabinets and machines designed to challenge the spirit and captivate the senses. With the experience and expertise of our local partners at Geekon we carefully curate our selection of games and add new cabinets every month. We are also the exclusive site for the pinball tournaments put on by Geekon every last Thursday of the month. The arcade at Sister bar is host to nostalgic favorites such as Ms. Pac-man and NBA Jams as well as obscure gems like Kung Fu Master and 720. Our wall of pinball is stacked with classics and currently features a Ghostbusters machine that plays like a bowling ball on a slip-and-slide at Roosevelt Park and looks like a Lisa Frank binder on acid. So check your couch cushions, round up those street bucks, and etch your name in our electronic hall of fame while sipping on your favorite adult beverage. And don’t forget to hit up our homies at Geekon for video game console and cabinet sales and service.

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